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We see the power of the true meeing with self and others

Leadership – Businesses – Lives

We are proud to say that we are really, really good at what we do.
And that we have proof of that. Everything we offer here is our gift to the world.

Your gift to the world is being you.
Welcome here, to see how you can be more of that!

We guide transformative inner journeys through a synthesis of the research fields of developmental psychology, relational organizational psychology and complex systems. Modern research and traditional wisdom - in one. Of course, we are certified in all of them!

​We use the research we are certified in to explore, meet and understand ourselves. So that you can be all that you are, and release more of what is genuinely you.
The deeper you do it, the more power you gain access to.
As a human being and as a leader.

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Programmes and Offers


Attendee score (140 ateendees)
9,5 (of 10)

​An 8-week facilitated program into yourself. In-depth personal development  

 - on a scientific basis.
You will grow - a little or a lot, depending on how deep you want to go. But things will happen. And we know it.
Because we're really good at this!


"Powerful, deep and peaceful.
Amazingly beutiful!"

Retreat Into The New

Want to be guided in a deepening process?
Do you want to find rest in beautiful nature, and in dialogue with others?
Our retreats invite you to rest, and to a deepening inner journey - as everything we do.


A walk into the depth
of myself

An individual and joint journey for deeper contact with yourself, with life, and with your path. A guided week's long walk along the Camino. Where movement and stillness become one. In reflection, meditation, dialogue and exercises.


Spiritually deepening hikes for private groups

When we hiked the Camino, we discovered the mystery of nature, and the power of making an inner journey together, in motion.
We are sometimes asked if we take private groups on meditative, spiritually deepening hikes. And of course we do. The picture is from Fulufjällets National Park.
Get in touch afor a talk.

För organisationer ger vi även

Level Tool

 March 2024 - Cascading Organisational Effects from Inner Leader Transformation
- an Action Research Paper by Into The New

We measure the impact of everything we do, and we know that our participants experience deeper self-love, truer relationships with others, a new clarity and more life.

Please take a look at our latest Action Research Paper.


 "I have attended over 30 courses over my 20+ years in my work life. Many of them were leadership courses. This program is without ANY competition the best I have ever done! And everyone who attended knows why!

It goes deep into human nature and being human together. The implications of that for leadership and organization...  Invaluable!  Both privately and as a leader!"

- Aboozar Zaarini, Manager of AI, Data Science & Machine Learning

Certified in our 9 month program

Open Sessions online

You are always welcome to one of our open sessions, in which we introduce one of the fields we work with in a workshop.

Free Resources

Here we share everything we do: video-based mini-courses, practices and workshops for individuals and teams, whitepapers, our pod... 

What do our participants say?

"I have become a better and more esteemed leader. But what is unexpected is that I have become a happier person, a better husband and more present father to my children. It is amazing!"
- Henrik, Senior Leader


"Transforming start is a program that has strengthened both my self-leadership and my own opportunity for leadership in a broader sense. By getting to know myself and my action patterns better, the program has laid a good foundation to accelerate my personal development and my influence. The program is lively, interactive, in-depth and in short absolutely fantastic! "
- Olof, Business Developer

“Wow! Is this the kind of leader we get through Into The New's program. In addition to the ability for clear-sighted questioning, I see a developed ability to hold many relevant perspectives at the same time as well as both the will and the ability to co-create solutions in a common direction. ”
- "HR business partner", about two of the participants in the Visionary Leadership Program

"As someone who has not really worked on my personal development before, I can only encourage you in a similar situation to take the leap. I am so much happier both personally and professionally after I finished the program, and then it was really good even before!"
- Simon, Product Manager


Niklas Lindhardt

I am utterly grateful to be able to do what we do - to follow people and organizations on a journey towards becoming more human centric - finding their strength and truth, and in that creating more value together.
And so I love to dive deep  in everything we do. Getting to explore what it is to be me, together, every day.


Karin Hamrin

It is so beautiful to expand awareness for people to be able to shape contexts and systems where we as humans can meet, grow and create more. together Where we can be whole, together. And vitness the power released as we come together.
It gives me a sense of deep meaning.


Patrik Dahlqvist

Working with something that makes a difference in people's lives, with the power to transform an organization - it feels very rewarding As a gift to our children and future generations.
That we ourselves are constantly growing in the journey that we share with our customers is a luxurious self-evident - where every step is a joint step...

In everything we do, we create deep, integrated understanding and experience of what it is to be human. Together with other humans. In organisations and a world shaped by relations. To broaden perspectives. To see, sense and make sense of the world together with others in deeper connection and truth. To experience, in increased presence and awareness that "there is no box".

In our programs we weave a range of research fields adding our experience of what works in a way that creates deeper transformation. Opening for more authenticity and love, in sustainable social and organisational systems. For a sustainable world. What we do is at the absolute global forefront. And we feel a humble, rejocing gratitude for what we do.


Contemplation during Åre-stay


Leadership team development in Åre


Cooking dinner on our retreat near Koster.

Human Centric Team Development

2022-09-19 16.35.39.jpg

Walk along the pilgrim route Camino Frances

Here, we are leading one of our digital programs for inner and outer development
(And we don't take pictures in those sessions)

Elevating Leadership

We shape a leadership of today for the future. A leadership that allows individuals, teams and organizations to grow in harmony. A leadership that, in a complex and rapidly changing world, enables us to navigate based on what is really going on, knowing that the present also shapes and changes future conditions.

When we work with leadership development, we work transformatively, to reach deeper, lasting insights about ourselves, others and the world around us. To be able to lead from how people actually function. Based on what's actually going on. Together.

As we increase the present centered awareness of leaders and management teams, we also increase the ability to see what is really going on. Increase awareness create insight and power for change. Where the human growth shapes a culture and structure that supports.

Where individuals, teams and organization strengthen each other. Where we do things together from a true intention. And learn. And evolve. Where we feel better, and perform better. Where we dare to open up, and together listen to how the next step should be taken. For you, those you lead and your organization.

Changing Businesses

We help companies to develop. To build organizations that create growth and development. For individuals, teams and organization.

We do it in a human centric way. For any organization is relational in nature.

As we increase awareness of the psychological patterns we all share, we can increase our understanding of which parts of our organizational structure and culture prevent us from reaching our ambitions, and which ones help us. We can then continuously change what does not help, and strengthen what helps us.


With broad and deep experience of the modern organization, we guide you, and co-create conditions for an organization with a supportive, developmental structure and culture. Where organization, teams and people may grow in harmony with our changing world.

We have done this with companies in agile transformations, in transformations towards teal or in continuous development of the business.

Transforming Lives

The ability to lead. oneself and others, is strongly linked to increased self-awareness and self-acceptance. Even to self-love. Where all aspects of being human are embraced, accepted and appreciated.


When we begin to see and understand the inner psychological patterns we all people share, we can begin to meet ourselves on a deeper level. When we meet and integrate these patterns, we also get full access to use- and live them. We gain access to our whole selves, and increase our imprint. Then we can also begin to meet others more authentically. And our entire  life experience expands.


With increased awareness, a more open heart and a clearer inner compass, meetings and relationships become more authentic. More meaningful. More alive.

Many experience this giving a more harmonious and joyful life experience. Not just at work but in all parts and in all relationships in life.

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