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Inner Growth Releasing Power
In Your Outer World

Leadership - Businesses - Lives 


We work with deep, transformative development, built on modern research and traditional wisdom. We measure the impact of everything we do, and are proud to say that we are really, really good at what we do.


We exist to guide  people into the power of being fully them. So that they can create truer, deeper relationships, shape human-centered systems and organizations where we can grow together to create healthier people, stronger organizations and a more sustainable world.

We give 9 month, transformational leadership programs and management team development for organisations.

We give open programs, retreats and spiritual walks for individuals.

All built on the same research and experience.

All with the same transformative power.


Download the paper from our 3 year long Action Research Project

"Cascading Organisational Effects from  Inner Leader Transformation"

94% experience an increase of overall life satisfaction.
85% measure an improvement of outcomes in the organisation.
85% measure an improvement of collaboration in the organisation.

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I am utterly grateful to be able to do what we do - to follow people and organizations on a journey towards becoming more human centric - finding their strength and truth, and in that creating more value together.
And so I love to dive deep  in everything we do. Getting to explore what it is to be me, together, every day.


It is so beautiful to expand awareness for people to be able to shape contexts and systems where we as humans can meet, grow and create more. together Where we can be whole, together. And vitness the power released as we come together.
It gives me a sense of deep meaning.


Working with something that makes a difference in people's lives, with the power to transform an organization - it feels very rewarding As a gift to our children and future generations.
That we ourselves are constantly growing in the journey that we share with our customers is a luxurious self-evident - where every step is a joint step...

"In everything we do, we create deep, integrated understanding and experience of what it is to be human. Together with other humans. In organisations and a world shaped by relations. To broaden perspectives. To see, sense and make sense of the world together with others in deeper connection and truth. To experience, in presence and awareness that "there is no box".

In our programs we weave a range of research fields, adding our experience of what works, in a way that enables deeper transformation. Opening for more authenticity and love, in sustainable social and organisational systems. For a sustainable world. What we do is at absolute global forefront. And we feel a humble, rejocing gratitude for that."

- Karin & Niklas

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