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Action Research

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We believe in validated science, and we have global certifications in the research fields we work with.
We also believe in validating what we do, in our Action Research Projects.

Because only when we can measure an impact of what we do, we can fully claim to make a difference. 

And we CAN claim to make a difference!

Welcome to our Action Research Page.

Here you can find  our published Action Research Reports, and invitations to our ongoing Action Research Projects.

Published Papers

Cascading Organisational Effects from Inner Leader Transformation

Our 3-year Action Research Project, in collaboration with one of Sweden's largest industries, has explored the question: "Does inner leader transformation lead to quantifiable, measurable positive shifts in the organisational contexts of the leader?"

The quantitative measurements presented in this Action Research Paper provide an answer to that research question: Yes!

The project has also designed an intervention to reproduce the results.

94% experience an increase of overall life satisfaction.
85% measure an improvement of outcomes in the organisation.
85% measure an improvement of collaboration in the organisation.

Welcome to Join Our Ongoing Projects

Action Research Initiative -
Spreading the Results of Our Action Research Project

An initiative to spread the capability to facilitate the programs developed in the Action Research project above. And measure the effects!

The measured effects of the above Action Research project "Cascading Organisational Effects from Inner Leader Transformation" are very strong.
In this initiative, we want to train organisations to facilitate the programs themselves. To globally spread leadership development enabling measurable positive effects inside and outside of the organisation.

For sustainable individuals, in sustainable organisations. For a sustainable world.

Get in touch, and we'll grow this together!


Action Research Project - Leadership Team

Can one, by strengthening the relational field and the human-centered aspects of leadership, achieve measurable, positive effects for the individual, group and organization? 

There is theoretical support for the following to answer this question is Yes!
In this project, we want to validate that this is the case, and devise a repeatable method to achieve the positive shifts that we expect to be able to measure.

Curious about participating? Get in touch!

  • For 20+ years, we have explored and worked with human development, playing and experimenting with different organisational structures and ways of working. 

  • For the past 8 years, we have dived deep into the latest research of inner human development, social systems, human centric leadership and leading in complex, adaptive systems. Weaving these research fields into a coherent whole.

  • For the past 5 years, we have explored and experimented with how to turn this research into transformational programs. All this time we have measured the effects of what we do.

  • For the past 3 years, we have run an Action Research project, measuring the organisational effects of inner leader transformation.
    And the measured effects from our programs exceed our hopes and expectations by far, both on individual and organisational level.

  • Now we continue our Action Research to find more answers and methods for how human-centric leadership can leverage orgasnisations.

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