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This is us...

Here we are! As we are.

What we believe in.
What we build on,
and why we feel it is important.

And if you want to know more, get in touch. We love to meet.

We provide cutting edge leader- and individual development.

Our reason to be is to create a more conscious, human-centric and loving world. Because we have seen the power of deeper human connection. With ourselves and others. To shape systems and organisations enabling us to grow and create together, unleashing a completely new power.

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We believe in validated science, and we have global certifications in the research fields we work with.
We apply them holistically. Sometimes for spiritual growth, sometimes for organizational growth. Often for both.

Modern science & timeless wisdom in one!

We license everything we do under Creative Commons. Because IP that serves the world should belong to the world.

So use what you want, the way you want to.
And if you want to co-create with us, get in touch.


Love is love, life is life,
and everyone has the right to be all they are,
and become all they can be.
That is our belief.

Here, together with Bill Torbert - the researcher behind the developmental psychology models we use - we give a seminar for a global network of professional coaches.

To spread a loving, integrated perspective around our inner figures and human and organisational development.

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  • For 20+ years, we have explored and worked with human development, playing and experimenting with different organisational structures and ways of working. 

  • For the past 8 years, we have dived deep into the latest research of inner human development, social systems, human centric leadership and leading in complex, adaptive systems. Weaving these research fields into a coherent whole.

  • For the past 5 years, we have explored and experimented with how to turn this research into transformational programs. All this time we have measured the effects of what we do.

  • For the past 3 years, we have run an Action Research project, measuring the organisational effects of inner leader transformation.
    And the measured effects from our programs exceed our hopes and expectations by far, both on individual and organisational level.


Niklas Lindhardt

After my master of science degree, I started working at an engineering company, and immediately realized that my heart is not in technology, but in creating conditions for people to meet, collaborate and create together.

In 2011, I hit the wall and suffered a burnout. I left  my employment and began to explore more deeply what it is to be human. I was given the opportunity to co-found a self-organizing software and innovation company, a few years before the "Teal organization" became known through Laloux's work. I also co-founded a company that integrated refugees with programming skills into the Swedish labor market and co-founded an industrial research institute in human-centered organization and leadership based in developmental psychology.

All these initiatives were created out of a longing to give, to shape the new - without knowing how, without seeing the way forward. Everyone was somehow a leap into the unknown.

All these steps have also taken me, and us, to where we are today. To work with deep human transformation. Everything starting with me, and ourselves. To be able to give our gift from a self-experienced place, out of love.

Karin Hamrin

After my Master of Science degree, I started working in business development at a large, multinational telecom company. After only a few years I realised that this was not my place in the world. I yearned for a deeper meaning, with a deep desire to truly make a difference for others and for the world – a yearning that grew stronger every day.

In 2003, I decided to completely change my career, into something more human centric. For the next 15 years, I worked as a coach, lecturer and trainer within personal development, stress management and personal leadership. In this, it became clear to me that external changes and coping strategies are not enough. Efforts at the individual level are not enough. We need to transform our systems, and we need to go deeper within ourselves. I immersed myself in a wide range of research areas through various certification programs. I was also involved in a couple of Nikla's initiatives - I coached refugees in the integration project and was part of the industrial research institute, and in 2018 we started working together.

All my training, certifications and experiences now create a beautiful whole. A whole that started with a conscious plan but from there has emerged from my desire to really make a difference. This longing has led me to where I am, and where we are today. Where we get to give our gifts to people and organisations, and see how it shifts organisations into systems where people can grow and flourish.


Patrik Dahlqvist

​After my master's degree in chemical engineering and entrepreneurship, I have worked for most of my professional life building and managing technology-intensive start-up companies, such as Q-Sense, Medfield Diagnostics and most recently Insplorion.

The interest in getting people and teams to function and develop in step with organization and business has always been there.

Agile and coaching leadership, and leading with culture in combination with structure have always been important parts in building the companies.


When the interest in people, in the employee, began to take over more and more, it became natural to unite with Niklas and Karin in order to fully grow people and find forms to create organizational systems that can do this on a growing scale.

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