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Holistic, human centric leadership
for the emerging future of organisation

Release the flow of your organisation

A 9-month, transformative leadership development program with validated organisational effects.

A program going deep into the human nature, how organisation is relational by nature, and how to lead in our complex systems.

A program that really equip your leaders with human-centric leadership skills, for today and for the future.

We have measured and validated the effects of this program for leaders and organisations, through one of our Action Research projects. Measured effects include (read all in our paper, below):

   94% of the participants experience an increased 'Overall Life Satisfaction'.
> 90%  experience a greatly increased ability to handle complexity.
> 80% measure increased Outcomes, Product Quality  among their teams and organisation.
> 80% measure an improvement in Collaboration, Engagement & Accountability among employees.

Reviews from around 100 program participants:

Net Promoter Score :

87 (-100 to +100 )

How valuable has this program been for you, as a leader? :

9,7 (of 10)

How vaulable has this program been for you, personally? :

9,7 (of 10)

Our invitation for you is to join the movement towards holistic human centric, leadership suited for the challenges of today. Capable of making organisations and human beings grow in harmony with the larger ecosystem.

To make this a globally scalable, sustainable initiative, our offer is to train your organisation to run this program on your own:

Year 1: We run the program for your leaders. A few designated people from your organisation attend as a part of their training to run the program by themselves. 

Additional training of your designated people are done in parallel during this year, with focus on the scientific frameworks and facilitation of the program, to make them ready to fly on their own.

Year 2: Your designated people, now certified facilitators of the program, run the program on their own in your organisation. We offer preparatory on-line calls and support before and after each program session, and we are there to support when needed.

Yearly: You are continuously supported with updated program materials and access to the program attendee platform.

You are invited to a yearly program summit, where all certified facilitators meet to share leanings, evolve their own leadership and facilitation and get updates on program evolution.

 “It is hard to put words on it, but I have gained a much deeper sense of how to lead organisational transformation. And a much deeper sense of the human nature, and the implications on organisation and collaboration. And that shows in our organisational trust and accountability.”

- Daniel, Head of engineering dpt

Automotive OEM

I have gotten a toolbox that I don’t need to carry in a suitcase, but that I carry inside. Deeply integrated understanding of how human beings and collaboration works. Immensely valuable in my daily life as a senior technical expert, leading our product into the future.

- Robert, Senior Systems Engineering Expert

"This program is one of the most important keys for this company, whichever strategy we set for the future."

- Gunnar, Engineering Manager

"I have attended over 30 courses over my 20+ years in my work life. Many of them were leadership courses. This program is without ANY competition the best I have ever done! And everyone who attended knows why!

It goes deep into human nature and being human together. The implications of that for leadership and organization...  Invaluable!  Both privately and as a leader!"

- Aboozar Zaarini

Manager of AI, Data Science & Machine Learning

Our Action Research Paper where the organisational effects of the program over time is validated.

April 2024 - Cascading Organisational Effects from Inner Leader Transformation (14 pg)
- an Action Research Paper by Into The New

Does inner leader transformation lead to quantifiable, measurable positive shifts in the organisational contexts of the leader?

The quantitative measurements presented in this  paper gives an answer to that research question: Yes, inner leader transformation lead to substantial, measurable positive organisational shifts. Shifts cascading out into the organisation, beyond the leaders area of responsibility. 

Also, it leads to substantial positive shifts in the private contexts of the leader.

This is how it works


The program is built on the overarching principle of Intention - Action - Reflection - Learning : learning and transformation grows from reflection on lived experiences. 

The program is also built on the principle of deepening our present centred awareness. From a stronger present centred awareness we strengthen and expand capabilities for strategic leadership, emergence as a way to navigate and lead in a complex environment, and continuous, reflective learning. This will open for continuous transformation.

  • The program consists of 8 full day sessions, spanning over 9 months. Being in the process for a longer time is essential for inner transformation.

  • Models and scientific frameworks are introduced on pre-recorded video for two reasons.

    • to enable the full day sessions to be in explorative experience of these models. 

    • to enable for the attendees to revisit any part of the underlying theories as any time.

  • Program attendees engage in self-governed coaching triads, supported by carefully crafted practices to explore organisational challenges through the different models and frameworks from the full day sessions. This form a way to integrate the program content into daily leadership, and is a way to form a strong peer support and continuous momentum throughout the program. 

  • Between each full day session one individual coaching session with a certified developmental coach is offered. This opened for a deepening of the inner transformation, and give room for personal inquiry into the self.

After the program, leaders bring the knowledge, tools and methods and experience to continue on their own, within themselves and with thair organisation. But foremost, the leaders has deepened and expanded their awareness, and the way of leading has shifted from the inside out. We have validated this through action research.

The journey does not end here. It starts here!

Enabling Factors

There are some central keys, with deep origins in the human nature,  that enable the inner transformation of leaders, leading to the organisational effects observed in this program. These are presented below:


  • The most important factor is to consciously create a psychologically safe space. A safely held space seems to be a very important basis for transformative human development, because inner growth is a vulnerable process. Some keys are:

    • A holding structure, where all the practical things are made easy.

    • We as facilitators participate fully in everything we do. We fully engage in every exploration, every dialogue, every practice and every inner reflection and meditation. We do not lead the group though this journey. We walk every step of the way alongside them.

    • ​We hold a deep respect for everyone also having a life outside the program. For example, we never blame, or even comment if someone is late, needs to leave early, etc. People are human, and we want to salute that.

  • Another, absolutely central key, that differentiates our approach from most other approaches, is to hold the intention to fully embrace everything we see in ourselves, in love and acceptance. Nothing is seen as wrong, broken or imperfect. Nothing needs to be improved, fixed or developed. This enables all our inner figures to feel safe. In that the individual leader gains access to their full inherent power, richness of perspective and ability to sense and make sense of the inner and outer realities.

  • We see that our broad foundation of integrated, complimentary scientific frameworks and models serve as a safe way to explore and meet oneself, others and the system. Solid science, which is not seen as 'the truth', but offers validated ways to explore deeper into the self, and the self in interaction with others and the system.

  • Truly exploring the scientific fields together: developmental psychology, relational organisational psychology, the natural process of human and organisational growth through complexity and emergence is a key.

  • Liberating structures is a key to reach deeper. An example is the way we design exercises and dialogue formats, which enable us to reach deep in a short time. In doing so we can meet and explore on a much deeper level than normally, and open for a deeper transformation.

  • Keeping the inner process alive is key. The combination of preparatory video material, full-day sessions, coaching triad exercises between sessions, applying the frameworks to daily leadership challenges and individual coaching provides a continuous flow keeping the inner process alive.

  • The peer support formed in the coaching triads has also shown to be vital.

  • And finally, the 9-month program duration enables transformation, from the inside out, where it is no longer possible to fall back into "the way we've always done it."

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Welcome to a deeply transformative journey, for you and your organisation

For us, the price is not a fixed parameter. We want to reach as many people as possible.
That's the important thing!
If you feel that this is for your organisation, it is more important for us to meet you to enable that.

Corporate clients:

Typically €15 000 excl. VAT per attendee in cohorts of 15.

Get in touch, and let's explore what is right for you.

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