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Half Day Introductory Workshop

During half a day, you get to experience us and the fields we work with, through a workshop in your leadership team. You will be given an experience- and dialogue-based insight into the most important human and social aspects to lead, organise and collaborate.

Often, we give this half-day for free, as a 'quote', to companies that want to offer Holistic Human Development to their employees or start their Leadership Team Development with us.

During this half day, we guide you through the fields we have found by experience to be the most central for organization and collaboration. An introduction where you experience and explore these fields together, under our guidance.

This is not an educational session. It is a patricipatory workshop. Because in that way we deepen the learning, and the relationships in the group grow.

This half day will introduce the fields and models "4 ways of knowing" - seeing more of the data we have access to, about ourselves, others and the situation. Developmental psychology - the common, psychological figures that all people share. 4 levels of listening - research from MIT about how we listen to each other, and how listening itself is a key to unlocking the power of a group. Infinity 8 - a simple, powerful model for how we develop as individuals and groups. The SOS model. Self-Other-System. How we are constantly in a context, where we create and are created by ourselves, others and the system we are in.

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