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Poems from an ordinary life
lived in extraordinary presence

To existence.
The parts of you I know, and the parts of you yet hidden for me.

Eternally grateful for our joint exploration of your winding mysteries.

Each poem is a reflection of life. My life. Caught in the moment. 

All of them tell a story from my life; reflects an experience I was given.


I never sit myself down to write. I write when a poem comes to me. Sometimes in a few bullets, waiting for the rest to come, but more often in a flow from first letter to last.

I spent a lot of thinking on how to arrange them.  In the complete, written volume I finally arrived at letting them be in the order of creation. In this presentation, I have chosen to present them in two columns. Light and Dark. The brighter moments and the darker. As life itself. My life journey. In poetry.

I see them as a gift to be shared. And now you will do them the honour of being experienced. My wish for you is not to understand them. Let go of the sensemaking. I believe that life is not about understanding, but about experiencing. So, stay with the experience. Experience them with your heart. Let them land in you the way they want to, just now, where you are, in presence.


With love,


As we meet, I create a sacred place for you

And I Miss the Warmth of Summer

Bring Me Back to Being in Awe

The Seagull

The Beauty in the World is in the Detail

The roaring storms of mind

I Was Torm Apart Gently

I See Me Looking for Answers

Do You Dare to be Naked to Yourself

Embrace the Pain and Agony of Labor

Become the Wind and Play With Me

I Lay no Blame on You

Where we Flow Like Liquid Gold Into Each Other

Do we Have the Faith To

You Mystery

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