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Poetry Journey - the Non Dual Experience

  • 23steg


Welcome to a program to explore the non-dual experience. To open up for that we all are one. That everyone and everything you meet is a facet of you. Welcome to this poetry journey! In this program we have selected 7 poems with the intention to help you explore non-duality. A reality where we are not separated. To start explore the freedom beond your physical limits. Pace it as you feel is right for you. And consider keeping a notebook to actively reflect after each section. I call the collection of poems: Poems from an ordinary life lived in extraordinary presence Each poem is a reflection of life. My life. Our life. Caught in the moment. All of them tell a story from life; reflects an experience I was given. I never sit myself down to write. I write when a poem comes to me. Sometimes in a few bullets, waiting for the rest to come, but more oftenly in a flow from first letter to last. I see them as a gift to be shared. And now you will do them the honour of being experienced. Our wish for you is not to try to understand them. Let go of the sensemaking and try to stay with the experience. Experience them with your heart. Let them land in you the way they are meant to, just now, where you are, in presence. To find more, free, digital programs, please visit: Sincerely Niklas & Karin

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