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Regenerative farming ... and leadership

I’m on a visit to a circular farm. Fascinated by the regenerative intention. Regenerative. With the intention to re-generate the soil, using the diversity of animals and crops. To leave the land farmed in a better state than when started farming it. To increase its fertility. To leave it in a state carrying more life.

Imagine that we could have the same approach when leading an organising. Leaving the soil we use for growth - our employees - in a better state than when started. To increase their fertility (well, not in biological terms… :-) ), so that when they leave, they do so in a state carrying more life. Not only as professionals, but as human beings. Imagine we could design and lead organizations that evolve human consciousness.

A fantasy? No, not at all. Although rare, it is reality in some organisations of today. And these deliberately developmental organizations are also delivering better results than their competitors.

But for many, this is a far fetched fantasy. Many organisations of today struggle in the shift from the old paradigm to the new. So how to lead, navigate and shape a modern organisation?

As humans we all carry the same longing and fear. Longing of belonging, of being a part of. Fear of being rejected. Longing to be good enough, knowledgeble. Fears of not knowing, not having the answer. Longing to contribute. Fears of not performing, of not living up to one’s own or others’ standards. And also longing to somehow contribute to the greater good. For the benefit of many. And fear of not being able to do so. I see these fears being triggered in our society, systems and organisations, every day. And as they do we start to put on masks. We start to hide i bit. For ourselves, and for others. And we show just as much of ourselves as we think is appropriate.

And in doing so, we start to forget what it is to be human. What is is to BE! Together. And we get entangled in our perceptions of who we should be. And how life should be. And how work should be. We live partly in a comparison with a fabrication of the anticipated life. And to get accepted, we create strategies to belong. Strategies to show how inventive, and knowledgeable we are. How productive, resilient and important we are. Or whatever our needs and fantasies may be…

In our organizations we institutionalise this. Shaping culture and structure triggering all these fears. Learning to navigate the system. Every day we are triggered in our basic human fears, of not belonging, of not knowing, of not performing… And that holds us back. Holds us back from being fully creative. From being fully collaborative. From being fully compassionate. From being fully productive. From being fully alive.

We institutionalise the idea of how to navigate life, when it is really there for us just to live.

We can lead and design our organisations to deliberately evolve human beings. When we work to continuously change the culture and structure triggering fear - we can really flourish. As individuals, as teams, and as organisations. Because we organize with a human centric intention. Regenerative.

When we lead and work with a regenerative intention, we help evolve our employees. For real. And when we do, we don’t only get the best out of our teams and organizations. We also grow people to carry more life. So that when they leave our company, they are even better equipped to give that life to the world. In whatever shape they do that within their passion and profession.

To help people start their own journey of holistic, ‘regenerative’ leadership, we offer a range of programs. Next start is upcoming in September. And in English, as an expanded version, in November. Maybe it is time for you to join? In Swedish or in English...

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