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Module : Explore the Opportunist

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“Self awareness is the initiator of integration” Welcome to this module! Designed to grow your awareness. Your self awareness. Awareness of one aspect of who you are. Of one of your inner psychological figures. The figures that we all share. Every human being. Explore that figure with an open heart, and try to meet it in curiosity and love. Embrace it, and don’t wich for it to change. Don’t wish for it to go away. It is a vital part of who you are, and when you meet it, and embrace it, you will heal, and be lees held back by its fear. You will become more of who you are. And that is a beautiful journey. Just as you are beautiful. In Love Karin & Niklas Intention: To create awareness of your inner figure "the Opportunist". The one caring for your safety and needs, and when triggered being egoistic and forceful. Effect: Starting to meet your Opportunist with an open heart and integrate it, will let you use its gift and traits more freely, liberated from being high-jacked by it.

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