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We are facing an integration of an old paradigm into a new

I was about to write “I am worried for the survival of many fine organizations.” But I am tired of worrying. So instead - I want to share what we hear and see. What we hear and see In the dialogues we hold with various large and small organisations of today.

What we hear is an enormous challenge to weave an old paradigm with a new one. To merge the old world with the new world.

The old paradigm, where delivery focus and firmer control was the way toward delivery and success. The new world where this no longer works. Neither for the system nor for humans.

In the challenge to weave the old and the new, we often hold on too tightly to the old: delivery focus and firmer control. In doing so we will face increasing challenges in retaining staff (something that is already a problem for many), we will face increasing challenges in delivering our product or service, and we will face increasing challenges in meeting customer requirements.

So, what to do?

What we have seen work, and it is not a quick fix - those does not exist, is to increase awareness and perspective-taking to grow the ability for emergence and multiple perspective to lead a complex system.

The key abilities to lead in the new world differ radically from the old-fashioned delivery and project focus. Much of the old is still needed, and we are talking of an integration, not throwing away “the old” to enter into a new one-sided truth.

Keywords are flexibility, metacognition, authenticity and emergence, to build on existing structures. To tear up what is holding us back. To strengthen what helps us achieve our aspirations. To shape what is missing. Together. Co-Emergently. Continuously listening to the organization. And continuously fostering awareness of whether the initiatives that are created provide value in the desired direction, in line with the set intention.

This is an inner journey. It all starts with you. WIth us. When we start meeting ourselves with an open heart, we can start meeting others the same way. In that we start to take in more perspectives. More alternative ‘truths’. A wider palette of reality. If we simultaneously get training in relevant models and practices in multi-perspective, the relational organisation and co-emergent leadership, we unlock the inherent capabilities we hold, to become leaders of the future. Leading ourselves, others and our organizations into the new.

And it does not take that many to shift a system. There are studies showing that a small portion is enough. If that small portion strongly enough see a new way.

Are you one of those?

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