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Shedding some light in a seemingly frightening world

Uppdaterat: 12 sep. 2023

This is a reflection, supported by scientific reviews, of the state of the world. And that all the regression we see is actually a sign of progress.

A lot has been written, and said about the state of the world. Most of it does increase our anxiety. Most of it does increase our sense of desperation. Maybe you are familiar with the concept of attention. In short: what we hold in attention grows. If we put our attention on crisis, crisis becomes more vivid. More lively. More fearful. When we put our attention on crisis, crisis also becomes more likely to become reality. On the other hand. If we put our attention on the opposite - that opposite becomes more vivid. That opposite comes to life.

In this article I will circle around the topic of collective human consciousness. I will not dig into what collective human consciousness is. I will not examine what collective consciousness may exist of, or be composed of. I will, though, share what I find very interesting in research and insights. I will share a few stories from some of the leading researchers within human psychology.

Studies have been made examining states of consciousness in civilizations across time. States of consciousness being described on a scale from simpler more egoistic to more complex, more holistic. Being more holistic is exemplified by for instance caring for a wider range of individuals, not only for my closest groups, also caring for for the ones ‘without a voice’. By caring for longer time spans, not being focused on only the current.

When civilizations are mapped into a scale of consciousness, and put onto a timeline an astonishing pattern shows: the consciousness of civilizations, our collective human consciousness, seems to evolve. Seems to evolve over time toward the more holistic. Not only does it evolve, it seems to do so logarithmically. Logarithmically means doubling of with every time unit elapsed.

In the past 30 years, measures are also made continuously on leadership consciousness, using similar scales. Big scale measurements, collecting lots of data. Also here we see the same clear tendency. We, as human collective, are moving toward a more holistic consciousness. Toward caring more for the long term, and for wider groups of people.

In the light of the global challenges we face as humanity, we we find this interesting! Interesting and incredibly hope giving! We are convinced that an evolution of human consciousness is needed to collectively, successfully, navigate, and address the global challenges we face toward a truly sustainable future. And so are many with us.

With an evolution of human consciousness, we will take in wider perspectives when we make decisions. We will care for the many. we will care for the long-term sustainability. (Even if sustainability is a relatively modern word, derived as a reaction of our current, highly unsustainable way of life)

Trusting the research on the logarithmic evolution of human consciousness, we are facing that future with hope. We as human beings cannot really grasp a logarithmic evolution of anything. We are highly linear when it comes to prediction of the future. So the human consciousness seem to evolve logarithmically means that every future scenario have a great chance to be significantly brighter than our best predictions.

But, what about increasing violence. Increasing separation between rich and poor. The increasing support for right wing, nationalistic political forces. Here I would like to refer to a conversation I had with one of the Global leading researchers in the field of developmental psychology several years back. In a dialogue we hade he said something like:

”I wouldn’t be surprised if we in near future will see a lot of counter reactions to our collective liberation of consciousness. I wouldn’t be surprised if we in near time will see groups of people pushing against liberation. Fighting against diversity. Fighting against democracy. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some big nation invading another nation, in medieval manners. For reasons not understandable to most. Most acts of evolution have counter-reactions. I wouldn’t be surprised if we will witness a wide range of counter reactions as we as human species undergo a liberation of our collective, and individual, consciousness. All these counter-reactions would be seen as signs of progress. Counter-reactions often come from fear of leaving the safe haven of the known. Fear of embracing something new. Fear of letting go of control in some way. Or fear of letting go of power in one form or another. In the shift we are heading, we have a lot to let go of. It is a grand shift…”

Reading newspaper headlines today and a few years back could award this prominent researcher a medal for his prophecy. Everything that he anticipated has one way or another come true. In this lens, we are witnessing signs of progression in all the counter reactions to development that we currently see. But all this may well be signs of us, as humanity, being in the midst of a great, and inevitable transformation of consciousness. Research supports this idea.

So, what can we do, do help this absolutely vital transformation we are facing as a human species?

We can do a lot, but if I would choose I would highlight three things. (And in this kind of articles, I almost obliged to give a shortlist of three, five or 8 things in as simplified solution to a complex problem. So I also adhere to norm…) Three simple things, that may be well so challenging.

1. Be curious! We can meet each other. Truly trying to meet. In curiosity, love and compassion. Trying to see life through the eyes of another. Really applying empathic, curious listening. That will open new perspectives, open for growth, open for mutuality. It the moment enriching both our own life and the life of the ones we meet.

2. Be curious! We can meet ourselves the same way. Embracing that we are not static in any aspect, we can start exploring our inner longings, fears, resistance and “known” truths about how the world works. Explore and challenge. It may be uncomfortable. Meeting fear, and examining deep beliefs usually are. But it is also highly rewarding. Because it will lead to our growth. Growth as human beings. Into a life that is filled with more nuances, more colour and more life. A simple first step is naming. Name what you feel. What you long for. What you fear. What you believe. How the world works. And hold all that you name lightly. Open to see that it changes as you examine it.

3. Open to let go. We can dare to let go. Let go of our old truths, beliefs and re-enforcing structures. Open to let go of structures holding us to the current. Open to let go the truths holding us to the current. And we don’t need to know what will come instead. We just need to dare to let go. And when we do, the new will emerge. The new, serving us. Serving the times we are facing. This is usually challenging. Opening to let go puts us in a the unknown. Of losing ourselves. Of losing predictability. Of losing control. But a first step, that is not so dramatic, is to ask: what am I holding on to that does not serve me and the world?

To summarize: all the darkness we see in the world may be signs of change. A change that will lead us toward a more holistic, including, sustainable and loving world. To help that global transformation, be curious of others, of yourself and open to let go of the old.

With Love


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