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Purposefully formulated questions may be the best answers

Uppdaterat: 13 juni 2022

We are brought up in a society where knowledge and achievements are highly valued. This has many effects on us. We value each other and ourselves for our achievements, not for our beings. We optimize our lives and organizations for delivery, not individual growth. We tend to respond to questions with answers, not with questions. “Yes of course!” you may think. “If someone asks a question, an answer is the right thing to give.”

Let me share a few thoughts – or, a few questions:

What would happen if we valued each other and ourselves for our beings instead of our doings? For whom we are, instead of what we achieve?

How would you shift if you were encouraged to find what is truly important and meaningful to you, your life purpose, instead of delivering what is externally expected?

How would you feel if you knew you are loved and trusted for exactly the person YOU are, delivering in line with your deepest truths, your purpose? How would that love and trust affect your being, doing and delivery?

What would happen if we started to respond to questions with carefully formulated questions? If we help others to discover their truth, using well formulated questions, instead of giving them answers based on our truths? How would our relationships grow when we help each other grow this way?

What would be the effect on organizations of we optimized for individual learning and growth?

What would evolve when every individual gets to grow to their full potential, in line with their inner purpose? How would that up-level the achievements of the organization? And the self-esteem of the employees?

Already today, people are shifting. To let their inner purpose to come to life in their outer actions. Knowing that only by aligning their personal purpose to the one of their organization, they can live and work fully. Knowing that this is the fastest way to up-level individual and organizational results.

Already today there are leaders that truly value the growth of everyone they lead, and of themselves. Having cultivated the skill to scaffold individual and organizational growth, without giving predefined answers. That truly lead, in a co-emergent way.

Already today, there are organizations shifting to work this way. To help their employees discover their inner drivers and purpose. That focuses on human growth. Organizations that know that this is the only way to grow sustainably in these times of complexity.

And when we do. When we address leadership development that way we get testimonials as:

"I have become a better manager and leader, but surprisingly, I have become a happier man, a more present father to my children, and a more loving husband. That is amazing! Thank you!"

For me, that brings hope for the future!

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