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Expanding You

Our workshop series to explore new perspective and meet yourself and others at a deeper, more loving and compassionate level.

A Series of 5 2hr Workshops Using Zoom

Each session introduces a new perspective that we will explore thru powerful dialogue processes in pairs or triads.

These are practices you can use yourself and with others for further expansion and growth.

Meeting others with an open heart Everyone is doing the best they can, set yourself free from hidden expectations

Life as a mirror – Hidden Halo
Find your aspirational intent to enable growth and expansion

Life as a mirror – Shadows
Get in touch with your hidden shadow to start your healing and integration

Releasing blame and guilt
Set yourself and others free by letting go of what has been

Who am I becoming?
Guided by your longings and desires, which future you wants to emerge?

What you will gain from this program:


⭑ New facets in your own kaleidoscope of life

⭑ Practical training in how to meet others authentically

⭑ 5 powerful dialogue process tools

Shake things up! 


Your relations, your leadership, your co-creation with others.

Do you wish to join?

Are you curious to explore yourself through interaction with others?

Welcome to sign up!

Next workshop series: Mondays 15-17 CET

2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 May 2022

By contributing to this initiative, you support our work in enabling consciousness expansion to the ones not able to pay for it.

Thank you! 

Standard price:

550 EUR excl. VAT

Reduced price:

350 EUR excl. VAT

If any of these prices stop you from joining, let us know and we will work something out.

As I see the beauty in another,

something ignites within.

A knowing deeply held,

that also I carry the same beauty

- Niklas Lindhardt


Interaction with others is illumination of self.

We would love to meet you in this exploratory program!

- Niklas & Karin

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