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Module : The Cycle of Co-Emergence

  • 4steg


“Awareness is the initiator of all change” Welcome to this module! Designed to grow awareness. Awareness of one aspect of life. To deeper explore and understand what it is to be human, together, relating and collaborating in any social system. In life. This module is based on the reserach on the emergent nature of all change. And how that emergent nature can be harvested if we act from a shared awareness. Intention: To create awareness of how we as human beings take action, based on our sensing and awareness making. And how cycles that we do not consciously close consume our attention and energy, and continue to affect ourselves and others. Effect: - To better care for your energy, in opening and closing of cycles. - To utilize the full intelligence of a group, collectively shaping action from shared awareness. - Decisions will be better. Results more creative, and precise, as you grow a true agile ability, responding to an ever changing environment.

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