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Module : Heroic to Post-Heroic

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“Self awareness is the initiator of integration” Welcome to this module about the transition from the heroic to the post-heroic stages. The module is designed to grow your awareness. Your self awareness. Awareness of inner aspects of who you are. Your inner psychological figures. The figures that we all share. Every human being. Intention: To introduce you to the shift from the heroic paradigm to the post heroic. Helping you to identify the heroic voices holding you back, as an individual, a team or an organisation. Effect: Integrating the heroic, operating from the post-heroic will put you as an organisation amongst a few, world leading organisations, when it comes to operation. As a team, you will experience an entire new way of being. In terms of outcomes... We just say ... wow! As an individual, you will get use of your full team of inner figures, enabling you access your full power, and grow it, day by day.

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