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Module: 4 Levels of Listening

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“Awareness is the initiator of all change” Welcome to this module! Designed to grow awareness. Awareness of one aspect of life. To deeper explore and understand what it is to be human, together, relating and collaborating in any social system. In life. This module is based on research on how we listen, and how listening to each other is an enabler to collaborate. Intention: To create awareness of HOW you LISTEN to each other in a group, and help you to really listen. Effect: As you start to really listen to each other, team work progress rises, team creativity rises, and team member wellbeing rises. All good things. Overview: 4 Levels of Listening is a framework from MIT on how we listen to each other. It helps you become aware of if you listen in a way that enables collaboration and creativity, or not. And it will help you get to a generative level of listening.

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