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White Papers and
'A Leader's Voice'

In our work, we have discovered what actually works within the field of consciousness development. We want to share that, to help spreading truly developmental practices around the globe.

We hope you will enjoy the read!

In our white papers we will share results and effects we see and measure from our leader programs and organisational intitiatives. We also intend to share the designs behind success and our learnings, to share the keys making the difference

'A Leader's Voice' are short interviews with leaders having enacted a transforming leadership. We want to share their challenge, their story and their insight.  

Transform yourself

to transform the world you are in

Into The New Whitepaper  on a Transformational Leader Program 

This paper summarises outcomes, process and enabling keys of a 9 month Leader Transformation Program run in a large industry operating in a highly competitive market.

Program Intention: To strengthen organisational excellence through human centered, emergent leadership.

Outcomes & Conclusions: Holding a deep enough process, to enable transformation of the individual leader, is a key for long term, sustainable, human centric strenthening of the organisation. The transformation of the individual leader transforms the leadership of self, others and the organisational systems. Initiatives holding transformational power are shaped, and creativity, collaboration and work progress are all strengthened as the human and relational aspects of organisation grow in significance.

March 2022 - Whitepaper
Leader and personal transformation
in a digital setting

The Challenge

The pace of change, informational flow and complexity is ever increasing in our society. The need for a stronger foundation in self and self-knowledge can strongly counterbalance the societal demands, ensuring stronger personal and external leadership, in line with core values. We wanted to examine how impactful an 8-week, deep, integrative process could be on attendees capabilities of leading self and others, integration of learnings about self and effect on life quality.

The Scope

This whitepaper is based on 5 completed programs run over the course of 2 years. Each program holding 15 attendees, in an 8-week process in totally 18 hours facilitated process.

The Learning

Qualitative measures show positive effects that reached beyond the hopes for the program. Deeper self-knowledge, an increase in leadership of self and others and general increase of life quality are reported. The experiment has become permanent with several programs started on a yearly basis for both Swedish and international audience

A leader's Voice 
Co-emergence of Technical SW innovation

"My story is about the assumptions we hold, how we build on them and how they can limit us to be free in our thoughts and ideas. In this case it is about technical innovation and what we call Hackathon (Hack-week). To be specific: in applying a new way of leading, co-sensing and coactivating, we accomplished technical innovation in the performance of an application beyond what people thought was possible..."

A leader's Voice 
Leading people in Change

"I support improvements in a large organization within the automotive industry, as a change leader. I want to share how the program has helped me meet people in a completely different way, from their perspective and triggered fear. In doing that, I am able to spark true engagement from more people, enabling us to go forward together..."

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