Transforming Start
- The Search for Personal Growth & Authentic Leadership -

Transform yourself,

to transform the world you are in.

What is Transforming Start about? 

Niklas and Karin gives an overview of the programme. 

Transforming Start is a truly modern development programme, offering growth on both a personal and leadership level

Your story is your biggest asset when tackling your challenges in life and leadership – and also its biggest struggle. Your story is the way you explain to yourself how you experience the world. Leveraging that story, adding to it, changing it… offers you more powerful and imaginative choices as a leader and human being. It’s about transforming yourself to transform the world you are in…


This programme will dig into the different ways you think and act, and then mine them for gold. The prize here is you more creatively responding to the challenges you face; it’s releasing your latent potential as a leader. The Transforming Start Programme will not only help you revitalise your leadership, it will also stretch you beyond where you thought you could go.


This programme is ideal for leaders who are:


• craving to work on themselves to increase their impact in their organisation

• returning to a leadership role after a career break

• at a crossroads in their career and need a creative space to reflect

• simply curious and want to grow

This is an inner journey. An experiential journey. Exploring your way forward together with others in the group. Learning from the inside out, to develop the mental and emotional capabilities that are key qualities for successful, authentic leadership in our complex, fast changing world. It all starts with you. That is why we call the programme Transforming Start.

“Transforming Start is a gentle and deep journey for you ready to grow.

To authentically lead yourself and others.”

Offered over 6 x 3hr sessions running on November: 2, 9, 15, 30 and December 6, 13.
2 additional exploratory sessions, on application of the leadership theories in daily life.
Being part of a learning triad, meeting between the 3hs sessions, will deepen the learning.
Our programmes attract global audiences and sessions run from 08:00-11:00 PST / 11:00-14:00 EST / 16:00-19:00 UK / 17:00-20:00 CET.

Transforming Yourself, to Transform the world you are in.


During the program, we guide you through a transforming process where we explore the most important keys to seeing, meeting and integrating larger parts of yourself. To be able to be more of your who you really are, in all aspects of your life. To be able to contribute with your entire palette of gifts and abilities to yourself and others.


All people develop according to certain given patterns. Through various stages of psychological development. As adults, we carry all these:  our inner, ego-centered, sometimes a little scared 6-year-old. On our slightly anxious, conflict-averse, sometimes self-deprecating teenager. On our evidence-seeking, sometimes micromanaging expert. Our performance-driven, time-chasing Achiever, who longs for greater meaning.

We do not work with personal childhood trauma, but with the general, common patterns that we all carry. And in that community we can grow and develop together.


We have learned that vertical development is about meeting oneself. Our whole selves. By getting to know our inner figures, and meeting them with an open heart, we can also begin to integrate them. When we do, we heal so that we are no longer triggered into unconscious, reactive emotions and behaviors. We also get access to all the gifts and abilities we carry. We become more whole. And in that we open up to grow the post-conventional being. To see ourselves, others and the world with new eyes. We meet other more authentically, and we see the systems we are part of with new eyes, opening up for new, more sustainable solutions.


We will also guide you through a transforming process where we explore the most important keys for leading and shaping the relational organisation of the 21st century. Exploring and integrating scientific frameworks from Leadership and Social Systems, Relational Organisation, Complex Adaptive Systems, and Vertical Development will shape a deeper understanding of how we as human beings relate, collaborate and create value in a social, organisational context.


In the programme You will grow your abilities to see, sense and make sense of the organisation you lead. To discover the parts of your culture and structure currently holding you back from reaching your ambitions. And to co-initiate change of that culture and structure, to form an organisational system in which individuals, teams and organisational results can grow together in harmony with society.


Our overarching learning process is Intention - Action - Reflection - Learning. A clear intention, for each programme session as well as your intention for yourself forms the base for experience through action - practices, dialogue, common exploration and tools, both in sessions and in your daily life in-between sessions. Reflecting on both experience and outcomes thru the actions enables transformative learning.

Expected outcomes for you, your team and your organisation...


- to see, meet and embrace yourself -

Enhance your present centred awareness to sense, make sense of and respond to the present moment, every moment.

Explore and get to know your inner psychological figures, to meet, integrate and gain access to more of yourself.

Grow awareness of how you, moment to moment, create, co-create and are created by your self, others and the system.

Explore your own developmental oscillation, meeting what you are ready to let come, and what you are ready to integrate or let go.

Explore how to listen for and bring your gifts to the world.


- to open an authentic space with others - 

Increase your awareness of how our  inner psychological figures play out in the self-other dynamic.

Enhance your capabilities to co-create in a common direction.

Grow your understanding for other's perspective and triggered fear. In authenticity find true engagement together, enabling you to move forward together.

Embracing ourselves and others in authentic compassion, creating a space in which we all can unlock our inherent power.

Explore how to lead in co-emergence.


- to see, sense and make sense of your world -

Grow your awareness of the co-emergent nature of co-created change. 

Deepen your understanding of the relational organisation. 

Deepen your awareness of the interrelatedness of the Self -Other - System dynamic, to shape a system catering for growth of individuals, teams and organisation. 

Enhance your awareness of how structures and culture may trigger fear, or may liberate power.

See how we actively can shape culture and structure that enable growth of people, organisation and planet in sustainable harmony.

Client Testimonials

“It is absolutely magical to get so much through six short sessions in a digital meeting. I have discovered new sides of myself. Both those I like and want to grow, and those that hinder me, that I have been given tools to work with. After six weeks, I am stronger and have already started to grow the relationships that are important to me and I have started to guess my purpose. “

Johan, Leader- & Organisational Developer


“Are you curious about your inner journey and want to get to know yourself in depth together with other curious and brave people? Then I can warmly recommend Karin & Niklas as your guides. With clarity and sensitivity, they move groups forward and inward. We dare to meet the shadows and integrate the lessons that exist that we may have put a lid on today. My image of the self, the “us” and the system became much more complete after this programme. Thank you Karin. Thank you Niklas. And not least, thank you all brave and curious classmates. “
Mattias, Agile Coach

“Transforming Start is a programme that has strengthened both my self-leadership and my opportunities for leadership in a broader sense. By getting to know myself and my action patterns better, the programme has laid a good foundation to accelerate my personal development and my influence. The programme is vibrant, interactive, in-depth and in short absolutely fantastic! “
Olof, Business Developer

“As someone who has not actively worked with personal development before, I can only encourage you who are in a similar situation to take the step. I am so much happier both privately and professionally after I finished this program, and it was really good even before the program!”

Simon, Product Manager

“Great to be part of something new in leadership with support from the academic world.”

Annelie, Scrum Master


Average Attendee Rating: 9,3 (of 10)

NPS: 83

Programme Details

The programme is provided via Zoom in 6 x 3hr sessions.


Each session centres around one of the 6 figures of vertical development. Participants take part in both theory and exercises, in a proven and effective mix, with a focus on experiencing yourself.


We work with visualizations, self-reflection, group dialogue, pair and triad exploring practices and mirroring to strengthen and integrate insights and lessons learned. The combination of your own reflection, sharing your own insights and taking part in others’ perspectives enables in-depth learning that deepens your development.


In between sessions, you will get exercises and reflections to deepen and integrate lessons and anchor insights and habits in your everyday life. You will also get access to filmed theory introductions for the upcoming session.

In Transforming Start - The Search for Personal Growth & Authentic Leadership:


  • We will provide you with openly framed practices after each session to engage with your organisation. This will give you a way to explore the session content in a wider sense. 

  • You will also be invited to a triad, with two other leaders from somewhere in the world joining the program, to hold an exploring dialogue between the program sessions. For this dialogue, we will provide you with an exploring practice to guide you.

  • You will also be invited to two additional exploratory facilitated sessions, in which we explore how to apply the pgrogam framework in organisations.

Day 1 – Expanding Consciousness

Open up for holistic knowing and being through 4 ways of knowing

Explore the fluid self

Explore your intention, and your aspirations

The Infinity 8 - a model for development

Self - Other - System. Interrelatedness and The Field

Discovery Dialogue - Perspective taking through the vertical stages

Explore your Opportunist

Day 4 – Expanding Fulfillment

Your gifts to the world - Purpose as unifying force

Explore the power of a personal purpose

What world do you want to create?

Explore the seed to your Purpose - Why are you here

Discovery Dialogue - Fear thru the stages

Explore your Achiever

Day 2 – Expanding Presence

Presencing - Navigating through the experience of now

Reinforcement-loops to external events

Circle of impact / influence / concern

Exploring your longing and your fear

Discovery Dialogue - Healing &integration through the vertical stages

Explore your Diplomat

Stories to explore values and norms

Day 5 – Expanding Range

Explore fear holding you back

Explore your inner Leader

Discovery Dialogue - Intention Action Reflection Learning 

Single, double, triple loop learning

Explore your Redefining - Who are you becoming?

How can you create space for yourself to grow?

Day 3 – Expanding Self

Exploring personal values

Values and the Infinity 8 model

An emotional journey and the power of mirroring

Emotions and wellbeing

Discovery Dialogue - Power through the vertical stages

Explore your Expert

Day 6 – Expanding Into The New

Discovery Dialogue - Leading through the vertical stages

Explore the Transforming

From answers to questions. Attention as Choice and Power

Uniting Paradox: Autonomy - Community. Imaginary paradox and constraints

Revisit the fluid self

Life purpose statement


Next programme starts: 2 Nov 2022


£2400 for corporate clients, £2100 for independent coaches/consultants & students with an early bird booking discount of £200 applicable on all bookings made before 31st July 2022.


Please note, VAT is chargeable to both UK residents/ registered organisations, and EU residents/ registered organisations who are unable to provide an EU VAT registration number.


For further inquiries or to register for the workshop, please email


This programme is brought to you in collaboration with Global Leadership Associates, specialist developmental coaches, consultants & creators of the ground-breaking vertical assessment, the GLP (Global Leadership Profile) which is based on over 50 years of research and real-world experience.