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Resource Library

In our work, we have developed a lot of knowledge. Knowledge that we have validated in our practices in the corporate and private world.


In this resource library, we want to share this knowledge with you.

Free for you to use, and to modify as you need. Share back what you find working. And remember - everything is licensed under Creative Commons, meaning that you are free to use, spread and modify. Also meaning that you cannot claim to own anything for yourself. IP that serves the world, belongs to the world.


Individual Reflection Tools

This section holds tools for individual reflection, designed to increase your self awareness.

Try them out, and explore what you like.

Team Development & Organisational Evolution

This section holds tools for team development and organisational evolution. Designed to help teams and organisational systems co-evolve. Validated in real life. In real organisations. 

Learning Triad Support Tools

Form a learning triad to accelerate your self awareness and development. This section hold tools for you to play with. 

White Papers and 'A Leader's Voice' 

In this section we share our White Papers and 'A Leader's Voice' interviews.  We write these to share what we find working, with the intention to spread developmental practices around the globe.

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