Organizational Evolution Tools

"Any system is relational by nature. And Complex. The only possible way we can lead and navigate those is in co-emergence."

There are many, many ways to lead and shape organization. There are many, many models of change. Regardless of what model is used, we have learned that a Co-Emergent approach always wins. Co-Emergent in the meaning that we sense together, to shape awareness of the current needs, aspirations and challenges together. From there we can Co-Activate initiatives aimed for learning and change.

We have collected a few of the models we have found working really well. Our favourites. And we hope you find them useful. Get in touch if you have questions or suggestions.

Cycle of Co-Emergence,

The "Cycle of Co-Emergence" is a way to sense, make aware what is going on, activate and close together. A powerful way to use the collective ingtelligence, and to naviaget emergently. A necessity in any complex system.

Cycle of Co-Emergence,
Co-activare with your team

This is an application of the "Cycle of Co-Emergence", outlined as a process to co-sense, create co-awareness and co-activate in any team.

Organisational Feedback Loop

A way to listen to the organisation, via the teams, and other stakeholders. Integrated into how you do things, it is really, really powerful

Open Space

This is a 1hr open space format, for any occation, any matter. 

5D - Appreciative Inquiry

One of our favourite scaffolds to co-create change. Versatile in the range of use, and properly facilitated, powerful to anchor any initiative.

Case Clinic

A powerful process, to access the non-verbal and non-cognitive parts of our beings when helping a case giver get input on an organisational (or other) challenge.

From the Presencing Institute, MIT.