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Learning Triad Support Tools

"Interaction with others is illumination of Self"

 Wen we meet others, we get to see ourselves thru their eyes.  Forming a learning triad is an excellent way to develop together with others. Do the reflections in dialogue, and reap the benefits of growing together. 

Enjoy them indulgently, and please share your feedback or additions.

Deliberately Developmental

Based on Robert Kegans research on the mechanisms subconsciously holding us back from developing, this tool helps you navigate those. Together.

Explore Your Fear

Explore the fears we all share, as human beings. The fears that are inherent in the psychological stages we all carry. 

Sensing &
Awareness Making

A tool to explore your common sensing and awareness making in a joint system.

Self Awareness Heroic Stages

Together, increase you awareness of your heroic developmental stages. Self awareness in those enables integration. Integration unlocks expansion of the post heroic.

Single Doube Triple loop awareness

Explore your single, double and triple loop awareness. The depth of which you learn. As we evolve our triple loop awareness, we see, sense and make sense of reality in a more nuanced way.

Case Clinic

A fantastic process from Presencing Insitute, MIT, where you use your non-analytical abilities to help a case giver gain insigt on a tricky situation.

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