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Individual Reflection Tools

"The outcome of any intervention is a result of the inner state of the intervener

 It all starts within. With you. Individual reflection does not only sharpen your intellect, and bring large benefits to your health. It also makes you a happier person. And it makes you know yourself better. All in all, it makes you a nicer person to be around. Both for yourself and for others. But most importantly. Individual reflection is a pathway to expanding your consciuosness. Widening to new ranges of perspectives.

Any of the above facts should be enough to get you started. All summed together would make you a fool not to <3

Please enjoy them indulgently, and please feedback your experience, or additions.

Daily Personal Check-In

Starting your day in present self awareness, setting your intention help you to act in alligment with your truth and aspiration.

Combined with Daily Reflection below, it shapes a daily learning loop. Powerful stuff!

Daily Reflection

A powerful, yet simple way, to develop your understanding of yourself and your peers, in a daily learning loop. Give yourself the gift of developing this habit. It IS rewarding!

SOS Reflection - Attention

Getting aware of your own presence, and where you put your attention is a powerful way to lead. Yourself, other and in the system.

Intentional Silence

If you practice silencing your thought, you gain stronger access to you full, embodied sensing. To the intuitive field. It makes a huge difference if you do it every day - in fact so hugethat it will show in an MRI-scan after only two months.

 Dialectical Thinking

Practice your Transformational Thinking. How you relate to, and make sense of your worls. Introducing Dialectical Thinking to deepen your reflective and thinking capacity is a catalyst for growth.

Self Reflection on the Heroic Stages

This is a tool to help your daily reflection on your inner heroic figures, and when they have been active and triggered during the day.

Practice Noticing

A simple way to get more in connection with yourself and gradually grow your present centered awareness. Practice in the Self, with your Other and in the System.

4 parts of Speech

"Speaking is the primary, and most influential medium of action in the human universe. In business, in school, among parents and children and between lovers. Our claim is that the 4 parts of speech, Framing, Advocating, Illustrating, and Inquiring, represent the very atoms of human action. If we can cultivate the silent listening, triple loop awareness to our own actions, and to a team’s current dynamics, we can arrange and rearrange the interweaving of these atoms as we speak. Peacefully harnessing the human equivalent of technological, unilateral nuclear power".

Bill Torbert - Action Inquiry

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