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Leadership Team Strategy Sessions

Do you want to create a strategy for the coming years,
based on how people actually work?

Do you want your strategy days to make a bigger difference
- also long term?

Do you want to strengthen the power of the organization
in a joint direction?

We are proud to say that we are really, really good at what we do.
And that we have proof of that.

With deep knowledge in developmental psychology, relational organizational psychology, and complex adaptive systems, we have a deep understanding of what an organizational system actually entails, and what it takes to lead one.
With long experience of working with leaders, organizations and leadership teams based on this research, we guide you through your strategy sessions in a way that will make a big difference - also in the long term.

Imagine creating a strategy for the coming years based on a deeper awareness and a wider understanding of what is actually going on, inside and outside the organization.

Imagine being able to really take advantage of the diversity in your group - of all your perspectives and abilities - and from there, as a united group, lead your organization forward.

Imagine a deeper understanding of how human psychology affects the organisation, and how the organisation and strategy affect humans. And from there create strategies that better harness the power, engagement and creativity of employees.

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​We were about to write ... you will reach the same result as usual. A strategy based on your purpose, set goals and targets, and a tactic to start moving towards them. But no... you won't achieve the same results as usual.


Yes, the artifacts will be created. But the result will be deeper, from a greater joint truth, and hold greater power to actually make a difference in the long run.

We guide you in a way that will shape a deeper, truer and more powerful strategy. We also do it in a way that deepens contact and cooperation in the team. Which ties the team closer, and opens for you to see what you have looked at but not seen.

Participants testify to the experience of meeting themselves and their colleagues more as "Fully me", with access to more of the perspectives and power held by the team. Which in turn opens up a truer, deeper growth of the team and the organisation.

Effects management groups usually experience are:

  • a truer, more open leadership of oneself and others, with access to more of oneself, and to more the group's capability.

  • enhanced abilities to see and change things in the organisation which is actually holding people and the organisation back.

  • enhanced abilities to create culture and structure that unleashes the power of people and the organisation.

  • greater power in individuals and groups, to create from a wider awareness what needs to be created, and not just what is expected.

  • increased results in the organisation being led, often through a deepening of the innate ability to listen to what is actually going on in the organisation and ecosystem, and to respond to it.

Most leaders also testify to elevated life satisfaction, deeper understanding of themselves and others, and ability to lead themselves and others in a more complex context.

Our management team programs range from 6 modules and up. Each module centers around a 3-hour facilitated live session.

Before each session, you will enjoy 15 to 30 minutes of pre-recorded video, introducing frameworks and models.

After each session, you get exercises and ways to integrate a new way of leading into your everyday life. We also offer both triad dialogues and practices to deepen and integrate the module content into everyday challenges.

 "I have attended over 30 courses over my 20+ years in my work life. Many of them were leadership courses. This program is without ANY competition the best I have ever done! And everyone who attended knows why!

It goes deep into human nature and being human together. The implications
of that for leadership and organization...  Invaluable!  Both privately and as a leader!"


- Jimmy

Ledningsgrupp, SW platform

... then we adapt what we have so that it is a fit for your group:

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