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Into The New Retreat
- Styrsö, Strömstad, May 12-14 2023 -

During our first retreat on Styrsö in 2022, we fell in love with the island. The simplicity. The beauty. The nature, in silence, together. The retreat in 2023 was magic!

May 17 - 19  2024 we will be there again, to meet ourselves, through others. In dialogue, meditation and facilitated practices that open our hearts to what it is to be human. Together. In stillness and in motion.

The beautiful island of Styrsö outside Strömstad offers sandy beaches, cliffs, wild forest and salty seas. Styrsö Hostel invites you to simple accommodation in the middle of this wonderful nature. A gem in Bohuslän's coastal strip just outside the Koster nature reserve.

We want to invite you to a retreat in this paradise, in a quiet dance with nature's simplicity . To explore together what it is to be human. To individually explore what it is to be part of a bigger whole.

As always, we work with the simple ways to meet ourselves. The uncomplicated. Meditation, reflection, facilitated exercises and dialogue, visualization, and intuitive walks.

Because there is no need for complicated ceremonies or secret rituals to meet yourself, to explore what it is to be human in an intimately connected greater whole.

With a firm base in research, experience from our personal journeys, and long experience from leading inner and outer journeys, we welcome you on a journey into yourself. Together.

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Our joint journey


10 May

We meet for 90 minutes over zoom, in dialogue, in opening. To start our joint journey even before we meet at Styrsö.

17-19 May

Retreat on Styrsö. We meet there, arriving by the boat that leaves Strömstad at 12. We enjoy nature, program, meditations and dialogue.

We will start each day with meditation before breakfast, and end with dinner and conversation.


We will eat vegetarian and we will prepare the food together.

We eat either inside the main building, or outside, virtually at the beach, under cover when the weather allows for that..

If you need a special diet, let us know.


We stay at the beautiful Styrsö hostel. You will sleep in double rooms or 4-bed rooms. Please let us know your preferences.

If you need your own room for special reasons, we will of course arrange this.

There are three outhouses, and running water to wash in. The sea to swim in, and if you want to take a shower, there are two showers as well.

Travel there and home again

You travel by car, train or bus to Strömstad on Friday morning, in order to catch the regular boat that departs from Strömstad, Norra Hamnen, towards Koster at 12:00. Report that you are going to get off at Styrsö, otherwise it will not stop.

We travel home on Sunday with a boat that departs at 12:10 from Styrsö. If the timetable is unchanged, this boat will first take you out via Koster islands and then into Strömstad.

We begin each day in meditation...
... and they then flow on in quiet presence, in guided exercises, in dialogue, with time for reflection and time to just be.

We will slow down, and let the thought silence, and make room for both rest and evolution.

We eat together. And for those who want, we prepare the dinners together from the fresh ingredients we have bought. The other meals are prepared, so that we get room to just be during the days.


All this is included in the package:
Accommodation with full board. An inner guided journey, meditations and exercises to get deeper into yourself and in touch with nature and others. Guided exercises in groups, pairs or triads, reflective conversations.​

Full Offer - Price for Private Individual

€ 550 


...and if you have the opportunity, you can pay € 650 to enable the private person who needs to be able to participate for € 450.

Price - Small enterprise and startups

€ 750


...and if you have the opportunity, you can pay € 850 to enable the private person who needs to be able to participate for € 450.

Corporate Price

€ 1050


...and if you have the opportunity, you can pay € 1 150 to enable the private person who needs to be able to participate for € 450.

If you want to join but don't have the finances needed, get in touch. Our wish is to make it possible, as long at the big picture sums ut neetly.  

To register, or to get in touch send an e-mail

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