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The Art of Listening

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

To listen to each other, to meet, creates bonds between us humans. It creates togetherness, and also mutual understanding. Or clarity about where mutual understanding does not exist, or can be reached. Both parts are beautiful. As long as we meet each other with an open heart.

When we meet, I can listen to you in different ways. With different intentions. I can hear what you say focusing on finding the errors and shortcomings I hear, closed to your perspectives. I can hear to get new pieces of the puzzle to the path towards the goal I already have clear for me. And I can listen with the intention of seeing the world through your eyes. With an open heart. When I do that - listening with an open heart - we can meet. Then my world can borrow nuances and shapes from your world, and in that we both can grow.

The video clip above is part 4 levels of listening, of one of our Awareness Modules. Designed to help you, your team and your organization thrive and flourish, in a human centered approach. Because without contact between people, a collaboration or organization will be without its full power.

You can find all our awareness modules here. It's free, but you need to register.

But what happens when we don't listen? Not out there but within us. On the inside. What is it that makes us shut down and stop really listening. And how can we open our hearts again to ourselves and the other.

Sometimes we are not present. Not there, with the other, in conscious presence in the moment. Thoughts fly elsewhere. Or we might even wish we were somewhere else.

Sometimes there are external factors that awaken internal, psychological patterns in us. We call it that something triggers one of our inner figures.

Sometimes, as we describe above, we listen for errors and shortcomings. Sometimes we already "know" what the other is going to say, or where we are going.

All of the states above almost always start as an unconscious process, and awareness is born gradually. Or sometimes not at all.

By getting to know yourself, your inner figures and thereby increasing your self-awareness, and your conscious presence in the present, you can more quickly become aware of the processes and states started in the unconscious.

If you want to explore on your own, we would like to invite you to our "Vertical Modules" or "Poetry Journeys" among the Awareness Modules.. Or to our “Individual Reflection tools”.

If you want to develop together with others we would like to invite you to one of our validated, highly appreciated programs, retreats or hikes:

Holistic Human Development - our program that creates contact, closeness and inner development.

IntoTheNew Retreat on Styrsö, Strömstad, 12-14 maj 2023.

Camino Talks - An inner and outer journey that ends with a weeks walk along the Camino Frances pilgrimage route towards Santiago de Compostela.

If you have a management team that wants to be challenged and develop from the inside out, we would like to present our wilderness concept in the areas around Åre - Sweden.


We want to invite you to carry the intention of listening with an open heart as often as you can. So that both your world and the world of others are allowed to grow.

In love and presence,

Karin and Niklas

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