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Transformational Leadership

"Into The New Transformational Leadership Program is a unique program at the forefront of the world. A deeply transformative experience for you who want to discover a greater reality and become more of your whole self, in your whole life."

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The program

The program is given in a combination of 2 days of physical meetings supplemented by meetings  over the video conferencing platform Zoom. The combination provides unmatched benefits, as the different formats serve different purposes that contribute to our consciousness development in a complementary way.

From insight through science to transformation

We work according to Action - Reflection - Learning. Insights are created when we experience new perspectives, not when we hear about them. By then deepening the insight with scientific frameworks, the learning anchors and creates transformation.

We have many years of experience in combining tools such as meditation, self-reflection and group dialogue, and exploratory exercises to create, strengthen and integrate insights and lessons. The combination of your own reflection, sharing your own insights and taking part in others' perspectives enables in-depth learning that accelerates your development. 

Between the occasions, you will be part of a coaching triad, where you together deepen and integrate lessons and insights into your everyday life. 

You will also get tools to create transformation in your everyday life. In you, for others and in your organization.


Themes and layout

At each opportunity, we immerse ourselves in one of the 6 stages of development that you carry on, and during the program will understand, integrate and have real benefit from. You get to take part in both theory and exercises, in a proven effective mix.

We will work intensively with awareness of yourself, others and the system you work in, and with the help of neuroscience, developmental psychology and organizational gestalt psychology create transformation and release the magnificent leader who lives in you.

The journey continues

After the program, you are a member of our network "Transformation Tribe" where we meet regularly digitally to keep the journey alive, develop further and learn from each other. 

The program in overview

Before the first meeting, you will be given a number of preparatory tasks, in order to start a reflective process before we meet. You get to do a Global Leadership Profile - the globally leading psychometric tool to give you knowledge about your current "center of gravity" in your psychological development. It is important to be able to tailor your development steps given where you start from.

1 - Launching session - 1 Day Virtual

We meet digitally to start our individual and joint journey before we are seen live. You will receive the maps and keys that you will integrate during the program. And habits to make transformative tools for you as a person and leader right from the start. 

2 - To be a leader in today's world, and what the way inwards and forwards looks like - 2 Days Retreat

We start by meeting each other where we are. In today's 'Expert' - 'Achiever' oriented world. Integrate what that world does with us, and what we need to move on, out of the box and into a larger reality. Where we can live, lead and organize fully.

Integrate past saboteurs and psychological stages
1 day - Virtual

We deepen your awareness of your previous psychological developmental stages, and the characters that are within you, and occasionally sabotage you. 

We continue to work with your inner leader and your deeper driving forces, as well as with how you can start working to change your "system" - your organization.

4. The first post-heroic stage, and what is holding you back  1 day - Virtual

We immerse ourselves in the first "post-heroic" stage of development and begin to integrate what you need to start creating in the new. To create the new. 

We also immerse ourselves in your 'aspirations', your longing and what is deeply important to you. Wherever you want, for yourself and your organization, as well as what holds you back.

5. Neuroscience and shadows, in you and your organization
1 day - Virtual

We delve into the concept of shadows. In you as an individual and in your organization. To truly create transformation, we need to begin to see and integrate our shadows - that which is unconscious to us. In small and large. 

We immerse ourselves in neuroscience and how we can create cultural change through positive psychology, and actions in everyday life. 

6. Transforming Into The New– 2 days retreat

In a crescendo, we introduce the 'Transforming' stage. How we go out into life and leadership powerfully. We create the vision of the future we want to see, and concretize what it means to us when we step out, transformed in our lives and organizations.

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