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INWORKJourney : Unveiling the system in new depths

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The researchers Shannon & Frischherz have researched how we view and make sense of our reality by the way we construct our world through thinking. In a dialogue with them (Shannon & Frischherz) they described that we are born with both logical and what they call dialectical sensemaking capacity. But, throughout upbringing and school, the logical ways to think and explain the world are so dominant that our dialectical abilities are suppressed, or even partly forgotten. We grow and expand our logical thinking, and shrink our dialectical ways to think and experience the world. Logical thinking refers to linear, right/wrong, cause and effect. In dialectical thinking we tend to structures of connected wholes, to constant movement, to relations and interconnectedness, and to transformation of form. We will soon explain and explore this deeper. In a world where everything is connected, interrelated and in constant movement, logical thinking is no way near sufficient to make conscious what goes on inside and around us. Dialectical thinking opens for a deeper and richer understanding and experience of what is going on - inside and around us.

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