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Camino Talks
- the Mystical Path -

We invite you to walk parts of Camino de Santiago with us 19 - 25 september 2024..

An individual and collective journey to open up to a deeper connection with yourself. A deeper connection with life, with others and with your path. In a facilitated journey, you get to meet yourself, together with others in a week's walk along the Camino, in movement, in rest,  in reflection, meditation and presence.

Where  every step is an arrival.

When we hiked the Camino with a group for the first time in 2022, it became clear to us already on the first day how we wanted to do it.

Camino Talks - the Mystical Path was born.

We want to walk together, and experience the ancient pilgrimage route, in walking, meditation and conversation with each other and the nature.

We want to walk in the mystery of being human. We want to walk in conscious exploration of being a part of an intimately connected greater whole. Exploring the connections to others and the world in layers and dimensions beyond those we are trained to see and perceive.  And we want to walk to experience the walk, the food, the road and the meetings.

As always, we work with the simple ways to meet ourselves. The uncomplicated. Because we don't need complicated ceremonies, or secret rituals to discover what it is to be human in a greater whole.

Based on research, first-hand experience, and experience of leading inner and outer journeys from our other and previous programs, we welcome you on a journey out into the world and into yourself.


Our shared journey


We start the inner journey before the outer journey begins - The walk is amazing, and can be a deep, opening experience. We will start our journey together through three virtual meetings. In this, we begin our inner exploration and start to shape connection in the group before we walk together.

So that when we arrive to Saint Jean Pied du Port we are more open to ourselves, to each other and to the experience. In this we create the conditions for the walk to be a more lively and deeper experience.

You will have access to recorded theory, exercises, meditations and practices that will help you open up to yourself. Which helps you start letting go of that which is ready to let go of. And to open to let grow what is ready to grow.

Meditation, conversation and reflection - We will start the days together. Sometimes with a meditation, sometimes with a question to hold until the breakfast break. Some days we walk on our own, and some days we gather for in-depth conversations and meditations during the day. We end the days together. Sometimes in facilitated conversations and practices, sometimes in reflection on a text, sometimes in sharing what was  born during the day.

Conversations, reflections and practices are formed to deepen the experience, and the inner journey.

Scedule Overview

19/9: We meet at the airport, or at the bus station in A Coruña. The bus leaves for Lugo at 18:45, where we sleep the first night.
20/9: Hike: Lugo – A Ponte Ferreira, 29 km
21/9: Hike: A Ponte Ferreira – Melide, 20 km
22/9: Hike: Melide – Arzúa, 15 km
23/9: Hike: Arzúa – Rúa, 19 km
24/9: Hiking: Rúa – Santiago de Compostela, 19 km
25/9: Journey home, from Santiago de Compostela

A day might look like this
Breakfast + reflective text
Lunch break
Practice (before or after lunch)
Reflection on the day
Evening practice
Night rest



All this is  included in the package:
Travel planning and guidebook, a guided journey in the outer, accommodation, an guided inner journey, meditations and exercises to get deeper into yourself and connect with nature and others, guided exercises in groups, pairs or triads, reflective conversations and questions along the road.

The only thing you need to pay for yourself is your own trip there and back home, and the food you eat.

Pachage Pricing Private Individuals

 € 890 inc VAT

...and if that is too much for you, and you still feel that you should be there with us, get in touch. We usually solve any situation...

Pachage Pricing Small Enterprises

 € 1.290 ex VAT

Pachage Pricing Coporate

 € 1.490  ex VAT

Register, or get in touch to book a meeting:

Camino Talks 2023

We have put aside all the must-haves. We have stripped away all the everyday chores. We  have released all plans and tables. What remains then is a presence in the moment. A presence that opens and deepens contact with ourselves, with others and with the world we are all a part of.
This was also our reality this year during a week's walk along the Camino Frances. An existence where we rise before the sun. Where in every moment we choose our life. Choose to move on, or to stay. Choosing how we want to meet others, sounds, smells, ourselves, along the path we choose to make ours. Where we created the opportunity for us as individuals and as a group to meet, more deeply, in stillness and movement.
Something opens in that stillness. Something opens in that movement. Something opens up in the continuous choice of life. When we don't let things just "roll on". When together we open each day in meditation, and consciously set our intention. “How do I want to meet myself today? How do I want to face the road?
The presence is enhanced by the magnificent landscape we walk through. And pretty soon the dialogue gets deeper. The dialogue with ourselves. The dialogue with each other. The dialogue with the world we are part of.

We end the days over a simple meal together, as days along the pilgrimage route have ended for thousands of years. In conversation. In reflection. With the question "how has the road spoken to me today?" And we are all fascinated by how the voice of the road becomes clearer during the journey, when we open ourselves to a deeper listening.

Next year we will return to some part of the Camino de Santiago. And until then, our journey continues, along the path we choose each day to make ours. Continuously opened for deeper listening.


Camino Talks 2022

We meet in St Jean Ped du Port on a sunny afternoon. The village seethes with life and anticipation. After spending the night here in the village, we hike early in the morning after breakfast at a small cafe. Buon Camino. The cafe owner congratulates us on our hike.
The hike over the Pyrenees starts in the rain and we soon come up among the clouds. The mist creates a mystical experience. We hear people and animals both near and far. And we understand that the view would have been enormous if we had seen. At the same time, there is a charm in being able to experience the mountains solely through hearing. And through the sweet taste of all blackberries.
The days succeed each other in a quiet presence. Meditation, exploratory conversation and silent walking. Where some go a little faster on some days, and others walk one step at a time, ahead with each step. The landscape shifts dramatically from the mountainous landscape of the Pyrenees to the desert-like landscape after Pamplona.
When we travel home, we are a group that has finished one journey, and started another. Impressions, experiences, conversations and the still being will continue to grow in all of us for a long time to come. And many of us will be seen in our digital forum to which everyone is invited. To continue our common journey as well.. 

"Buon Camino".The wishes from the old man just having stamped our pilgrim passes feels honest, and full of warmth. His eyes tell that this is important to him. The intensity in the presence of the moment sends a shiver through my entire body. We are here. In Saint Jean Pied du Port. To walk the first parts of Camino Frances, over the Pyrenees into Spain, towards Santiago de Compostela. Tomorrow, our walk begins.


It is still darkwhen we enter the small bar for breakfast: a cafe au lait, a croissant and a cheese pie. It is raining, and still pilgrims come in a seemingly endless stream of vagabonds joining the route leading up to the Pyrenees. To start the walk on Camino Frances. 

The rain fades into fog, as we gain altitude, and we cross the mountains embedded in clouds. I reflect on the beauty in engaging with other senses than seeing to experience the mountains. Feeling the scents of the mountain, hearing the sounds of the hills with its herds of sheep and horses, tasting the blackberries and the mist on our way up. The landscape is hidden in clouds, and only in brief moments we get a view of the marvelous scenery stretching as far as the eye can see.

 The metaphor is striking. Much of the time, our inner landscape is hidden from us. In brief moments we get a glimpse of the grandeur behind the veil.  And we need to train in navigating our interior selves using other ways than cognition. To invite a wider presence, of all senses, of the intuitive self and the deeper levels of knowing. In that, we will start experiencing life as magical. 


We wake up at the monasteryin Roncesvalles the following morning. Life in simplicity is incredibly liberating. To wake up. To put on the single pair of long pants (the morning hours are chilly). To choose the merino wool t-shirt I have for walking (the other one I use for the evening hours, while the walking t-shirt dries up and gets aired). Pulling the only warmer shirt in the backpack over my head. Tie my only pair of shoes. Put the backpack on, and start walking. While the day slowly dawns, shifting the landscape from dark to light. The lack of choices helps increase presence. Help me experience what actually is, in this present moment. And that present centered awareness makes life so incredibly alive. Makes details stand out in their full beauty. Make magic.


An hour later we find a barserving breakfast. (and that is a relief. We are getting quite hungry). I overhear Karin's chat with the bartender. "I don't know where my mind is today", He says after mixing up oat milk with almond milk. "...probably in outer space", he says. "Wow, that's a beautiful place to be" Karin replies. That becomes the opening of a chat that soon turns into a deep conversation. Loading maybe 2 minutes. Holding wisdom from the ancient philosophers and teachings. That we are all part of a greater whole. With the universe as our home, and our playground. The bar owner puts his hand on his heart. “Everything starts here,  in meeting ourselves. In knowing ourselves", he says, with a deeply conscious tone in his voice, and a light of truth in his eyes. "Otherwise we will get lost in the outer world". They thank each other, and move on in their separate paths in life. 

I have the sense of just having witnessed a deep and magical meeting between two souls in deep connection, in separate bodies. Both being part of the same greater whole. This is the kind of meetings that take place on the Camino. 


I spent a few hours that day walking with that conversation. How to really meet ourselves. How to embrace what we meet, not to get lost in the outer world. And I feel deeply grateful and humble that this is the gift we have been given to give. To help people meet themselves. Not to get lost in the outer world. 


The rest of the day flowin a similar manner. Simplicity. Walking. Deep conversations and meetings with others. Magical conversations with nature. Both leading to healing meetings with myself. 

Conversations with a Spanish nun telling her story. Tasting of ripe wild grapes, almonds, blackberries. Meditation in scenery of nature I have never dreamed of. Food tasting so sweet after a day of walking. Coffee and a croissant in the shade, while resting my tired feet. Water from springs along the way. All this on a pilgrim route having been walked for a thousand years. With a group of people I now want to have a special bond with. We will return, to discovering more of what it is to be human. This was a healing and opening walk. Or rather,  it is really so much more than just a walk. The Camino de Santiago can be an unforgettable and unique journey for the body, the mind and the soul.


Thank you! Good Camino.

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