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Our book - a first draft

Thank you for being one of the few first to reat our book. And sharing the experience of reading.

- A guided journey into the powers of being you -

Our book is ready, in a first draft. A first draft that we invite you to read. Read to share your experience of reading it.
Share what attracts you, what speaks to you, what you want to read more about, what is unclear, what touches you.

The book is not finished. It is largely ready, but some of our own stories are not ready. But it is ready to be read by a small crowd, to get feedback.

The subtitle is set:
- A guided journey into the powers of being you -

The main title is not set. So if you get a feeling connected to the title, please share that too.

We invite you to share the way you wish. In comments in the Word file if you want. Voice or video if you want.

We want your gift of feedback latest 22/12. THEN we will begin our final Edit. ... and then

... the waiting for the release party!

Thank you for your gift!
In love
Karin & Niklas

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